The Spellcaster Bass Full Length

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Home of the Spellcaster Bass

A collaboration between Grammy-Winning bassist Stanley Clarke and Luthier Tom Lieber.

An absolutely fun bass to play.

Gives you more options as a player.

A bass solo that you'll want in your hands.

The Spellcaster Bass is crafted from maple, alder and rosewood in a classic Leo Fender body design, with a vintage sunburst body finish. This high quality Bass offers exceptional value for money and is exclusively available at Oneonta Guitar.

Oneonta Guitar LLC

Oneonta Guitar LLC is proud to acquire an exclusive distributorship representing two industry icons, who, with over 40 years’ experience in designing and building guitars, know what makes an instrument magical.

Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke is an American bassist, film composer and founding member of Return to Forever, one of the first jazz fusion bands. Clarke gave the bass guitar a prominence it lacked in jazz-related music. He is the first jazz-fusion bassist to headline tours, sell out shows worldwide and have recordings reach gold status.

Tom Lieber

Tom has been designing and building guitars since the 70’s. He shared design credit for guitars going to Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. His creation “The Lieber Speedneck”, has many faithful fans including Chris Stein of Blondie. This led to a collaboration between the pair and the creation of a new custom design “The Gigerstein”.

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The Spellcaster Bass

The most advanced evolution in electric bass. The Spellcaster Bass incorporates features never before found in an electric bass.

This beautifully designed Bass has been made for intonation and set-up accuracy. Featuring three pickups designed by Kent Armstrong and Tom Lieber.

Revolutionary Headstock Design

Featuring a reverse headstock, increasing E tension while reducing G String tension. This was an unintentional discovery by Jimi Hendrix when he embraced a right-handed Stratocaster, playing it left-handed.

Unique Pickup Switching

The Spellcaster Bass features a unique 7 position pickup switching. Based on a standard 5 position pickup selector with a switched pentiometer tone control. When engaged, this allows the player to select the front and rear pickup or all three pickups at once.

The original Stratocaster tremolo has been redesigned for the Spellcaster Bass.

Direct sales Offer

Spellcaster Bass

With some of the most advanced features you’ll find on any bass, the Spellcaster is sure to become your go-to. A classic and familiar design is perfectly married to a versatile, modern platform. All of a sudden, your collection isn’t complete! Order your Spellcaster today only at Oneonta Guitar!

List Price: $2200

Direct Sales Price: $1635

“The Spellcaster Bass is not intended to replace your existing guitar, but instead, to give you more options as a player – to expand your arsenal. When the time comes to play that song with a bass solo, this is what you will want in your hands.”

Stanley Clarke