Spellcaster Bass

Crafted from maple, alder and rosewood in a classic Leo Fender body design with a vintage sunburst body finish.

The most advanced evolution in electric bass. The Spellcaster Bass incorporates features never before found in an electric bass. The Spellcaster Bass is not intended to replace your existing guitar, but instead, to give you more options as a player – to expand your arsenal. When the time comes to play that song with a bass solo, this is what you will want in your hands.

As a tribute to Leo Fender the 1964 Strat headstock was used for prototyping Stanleys’ bass. Stanley asked Tom to update it, utilizing our own design and this new design in shown in the photos.

The Spellcaster Bass is USA assembled.

The Technical Specification

  • Length 43 1/2″
  • Body Length 18 1/4″
  • Body Width 12 3/4″
  • Length 18 1/4″
  • Thickness 1 3/4″
  • Stanley Clarke Short Scale 30 1/2″
  • Neck 1 1/2″ string nut
  • 2 3/16″ fingerboard end
  • Thickness @ 1st fret 27/32″
  • Thickness @ 2nd fret 29/32″
  • 25 nickel silver frets
  • Neck wood Maple
  • Body wood Alder
  • Classic Leo Fender body design
  • Weight 8 1/2 lbs
  • Clear neck finish
  • Vintage Sunburst body finish
  • Two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Maple neck

$2,200.00 $1,635.00 excl. sales tax

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5 reviews for Spellcaster Bass

  1. Earl T. Flynn

    I have been Waiting for this Bass all my Life.

  2. Gerard DEQUEKER

    Spellcaster bass

  3. Slater Clifton

    Stanley is one of my early influences. This bass is very cool.
    I’d like to see you expand on this idea. I recently built a short P bass which I decided to string like a cello after converting the neck into a fretless.
    My suggestion is to build a tele inspired model that’s fretless and tuned t I 5ths.
    I string mine to a baritone cello tuning. GDAE
    I use StringJoy to supply the strings.
    Pearl white would look sharp.
    Ebony boards are the best.

    This Spellcaster looks to be badass.


  4. Robert Ramirez

    Really nice idea. Does it come in a hardtail?

  5. Joe Andrade

    Let me play it. I play a modulus 5-string I have a Fender Jazz precision I have any Epiphone and a Horner bass and I have three guitars as well.

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